Naming our baby

It always gives me a little thrill when I hear someone pronounce our name play好 (hăo). Whenever I hear that pronounciation of our name, it always feels as though the person is in on our little secret. You know! I feel like exclaiming (as I sometimes do).

There is meaning in everything we do. It was a conscious decision to create a name which is unique (playhao is not an entry in the Oxford Dictionary yet), but also holds great significance. We took as much care naming playhao as we did naming our children.

After all, playhao began life because we wanted only the best for our children. Like so many of you do.

So we carry only good (好) toys, stimulating, which promote intellectual vigour, yet which also bring hours of laughter and fun. Something aesthetically pleasing we are happy to have in our homes, and which smells good too. We are demanding people.

But apart from representing the fact that we carry only the best things in life, we also wanted a name which reflects how we have something good for girls and for boys. So here is where it gets technical - the word 好 stands for “girls and boys” when you break it up into its component parts 女(girl) and 子(boy). There is something good at playhao for every boy and girl. (Our sons and daughters choose to think however, that they are personally represented in playhao’s name.)

Naming this baby play好also acknowledges how important we view bilingualism to be, quite apart from the fact that naming the company ‘playgood’ just would not have been half as fun!

A few months after playhao was christened, someone shared that Lego means “playwell” in Danish. Sheer coincidence? Or a classic case of great minds think alike.

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