Sorting, Sloting and Stacking

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Stacking can help boost fine and gross motor skills and help your child develop better hand-eye coordination.

Sorting objects, matching shapes, colours and last but not least pictures, helps develop visual perception and thinking skills. Children can generally sort into colours before they can identify the name of the colours. Learning to categorize and classify aids memory skills.

Through stacking and building games, children learn how to balance things (e.g: keeping a tower upright). These games also help children practice hand-eye coordination and strengthen their body core as they have to sit upright/ stand upright to play well. 


Abel blocks 250

$1,799.90 SGD


Abel blocks 75

$549.90 SGD


Abel blocks 24

$199.90 SGD


MAGNA-QUBIX 85 Piece Set

$119.90 SGD $139.90 SGD


Abel blocks 12

$109.90 SGD