Multi-Dimensional Fun with IVI 3D Play Carpets


Life before the modern era of electronics were children playing with little other than imagination. And the benefits of simple tactile imaginative play is not only therapeutic but also help children build key developmental skills.
IVI 3D play carpets are wonderful landscapes to bring play to the next level! Not to mention, how beautiful these carpets are, to add vibrancy to your children's play space.

Unlike conventional flat playmats, the 3-dimensional carpets have a top-down view of the world with unique raised elements of incredible details. Include dolls, vehicles, animals, and small figurines, a mix of soft carpets could be a raised-grass field for a soccer match, a fluffy bed for a fun sleepover party or a pond for frogs and ducks. The surrounding roads map out different routes where children can zip and zoom around their towns-cape, which help children better understand traffic rules and norms.


IVI 3D Play Carpets are designed by a Turkish architectural mum, who has placed priority in her child’s well being. The thick, yet lightweight carpets are made of excellent quality and manufactured in Turkey. Not only are they made with fabric based on European Child Protection Standards using non-toxic dyes, but they are also certified hypoallergenic, anti-static, stain-resistant, which make them easy to clean.  Another plus point is that they are easy to roll and put away without effort, even for a small child. 

IVI Carpets have a wide range of themed-designs and sizes to suit children's interest and play space : 

Mini City
Traffic (in green or blue background)
Beach House
Playhouse (in pink or green background)
All designs are available for pre-order here.


*design layout varies from size to size


Watch your children's imagination and creativity unfold with these play mats and here are some tips on how parents can scaffold their children's holistic learning through tactile and sensory play by using these carpets. 


Build Language & Literacy

  • Introduce vocabulary of nouns, adjectives & verbs through play
  • car, house, road, traffic lights, junction
  • grass, hutch, barn, sty, pond, fence, animal names 
  • tables, chairs, name of tableware and kitchen utensils, parts of the house, electrical appliances
  • beach, sand, wave, crab, gazebo, sunscreen 
  • fast, slow, walk, ride, cruise, stationary
  • gallop, clucking, grunting, neigh
  • boil, bake, fry and steam, wash, shower, iron
  • suntanning, surf, dig, relaxing, swimming, diving


Strengthen Numeracy Skills

  • Count one-to-one correspondences and understanding number values (e.g. how many people are there at the beach today?)
  • Make a comparison of more and less (e.g. does this town have more or less shops?)
  • Sort toys into different attributes (e.g. size, shape and colours)
  • Measure the lengths of roads, pathways, fences and heights of buildings, sofas, vehicles using standard and non-standard measurements (e.g. counters, paperclips, Lego)


Ponder on and discover world phenomena (Science)

  • Make predictions and find out which toy car can travel the furthest
  • Find out which surface works best for cars to travel 
  • Feel the texture of the carpet and guess the materials they are made of
  • Classify animal figurines in categories and discuss each's characteristics
  • Different electrical appliances in the house and its uses (Where can we find a washing machine/hairdryer/ toaster?)
  • Different weather at the beach: sunny, cloudy, windy


Model Social & Emotional

  • Inculcate and model good behaviours and habits (e.g. picking up rubbish on the streets and at the beach, keeping their houses neat and tidy)
  • Take turns and share facilities and problem-solving together
  • Role-play and demonstrate the different roles and responsibilities (e.g. lifeguard, traffic police officer, pedestrians, mother, father, baker)
  • Create awareness of safety at different settings (e.g lookout for cars while crossing the road, drive within the speed limit, swim with adult supervision at the beach, safe handling of electrical appliances)


Encourage Aesthetic and Creative Expression

  • Provide children with an opportunity to imagine and create their own ‘Town’ or places that they can find in their community (e.g supermarkets, petrol kiosks, bakeries)
  • Construct buildings using recyclable materials (e.g. empty plastic bottles, toilet roll cores, cereal boxes, milk carton, ice-cream sticks)
  • Interior design their own house and amenities 
  • Create layout of their farm and naming them as well 
  • Sing suitable songs to further complement their play


Strengthen Motor Skills Development

  • Build fine motor skills and grip through building construction using toys 
  • Pretend and mimic animal movements (e.g. horse gallop, ducks waddling, turtle crawling)
  • Pretend to be high (tiptoe with high stretching upwards) and low buildings (squatting)

 IVI Play Carpets are fun and can be an enjoyable family bonding activity during the time at home.

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