TINKERCADEMY micro:bit Tinker Kit (without micro:bit)

$89.90 SGD

Start your Digital Maker journey with the micro:bit and a variety of easy-to-use components! This kit comes our very own custom Breakout Board, and a variety of modules to help you create dozens of amazing digital maker projects! 

Great for the classroom: Expand the possibilities of students' projects with a wide library of compatible modules! 
Great for beginners: Drastically reduce the fear of making mistakes with wiring. 
Great variety: Includes 10 modules to create a huge range of projects, including an OLED module!
Great bang for your buck: One of the most affordable micro:bit kits.
What's included

micro:bit (optional)
USB cable and battery pack
Tinkercademy GVS Breakout Board for micro:bit (available for sale separately)
1x OLED Display—don't hurt your eyes trying to read the micro:bit display! 
1x Mini Servo
1x Passive Buzzer
1x PIR Sensor
1x Crash Sensor
1x Soil Moisture Sensor
1x ADKeypad
1x Potentiometer
3x LED bricks (red, green, and blue)
Jumper wires
Projects you can make

Mini Game Console -- ADKeyboard, LED Matrix on microbit, (OLED)
Plant Monitoring Device -- Soil Moisture Sensor, OLED, Servo, (LED+Jumper Wires, Buzzer)
Intruder Detector -- Crash Sensor (to detect open door) or PIR Sensor, Buzzer
Smart Light -- PIR Sensor, LED+Jumper Wires
Alarm Box -- Accelerometer on microbit, Crash Sensor, Buzzer, OLED
Lie Detector -- Soil Moisture Sensor, LED, Buzzer
Fish Feeder -- Servo, LED
Music Machine -- Buzzer, ADKeyboard
And more—we'll be regularly updating our Tinkercademy micro:bit page with new projects and more information!

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