SPINTRONICS Power Pack (Requires at least Act 1 kit to play)

$59.90 SGD

**Important! The Power Pack requires at least the Act One kit to use it. It requires both Act One and Act Two to complete all of the puzzles.**


The Spintronics Power Pack gives you parts to charge your circuits with more power: an additional 6 V battery and two low-value resistors. It also includes a puzzle book with 11 additional puzzles.



This kit includes everything you'll need to play and complete the Power Pack puzzle book:


1 - Power Pack puzzle book (10 puzzles)

1 - 6 V Spintronic battery (0.3 mAh)

1 - 100 Ω Spintronic resistor

1 - 50 Ω Spintronic resistor


Dimensions:  21cm x 16cm x 8cm
Weight: 0.8kg

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