SENTOSPHERE L'Atelier De Bijoux

$59.90 SGD

A creative box to create beautiful resin jewelry with pretty glittery and colorful inclusions.

L'Atelier de Bijoux is THE turnkey box that allows you to make wonderful resin jewelry with inclusions of glitter, polymer decorations, or even dried flowers and shells!

This creative box allows you to make wonderful jewelry! The manipulations are very simple and not dangerous for children!

All you have to do is mix resin with a catalyst, color the preparation if necessary, then pour it into the various molds and pendants offered. The sequins and mini fruits offered make it possible to make inclusions to sublimate these future jewels. 20 hours later, these creations can easily be unmolded to become magnificent bracelets, rings, necklaces and key rings!

A magical experience to take your first steps in the creation of very designer jewellery. The only limit of this box? Imagination!

Dimension: 29 x  29 x 6 cm

Weight: 1 kg


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