RAVENSBURGER GraviTrax Catapult

$26.90 SGD

GraviTrax is an interactive marble run that allows players to design and build tracks, whilst experimenting with gravity, magnetism and kinetics to explore endless possibilities and infinite creativity.

  • Innovative - The GraviTrax interactive track system allows you to design and build your own race tracks and experiment with engineering gravity magnetism and kinetics to propel your ball to the finish
  • Infinitely Expandable - Gravitrax in fully expandable with a large range of expansion pack and accessories! Only playable with gravitrax starter set
  • Develops critical skills – Playing and building with GraviTrax builds spatial reasoning and planning skills and provides a great stealth learning experience
  • Clear instructions – Comes with clear instructions so that you can start construction and start playing with this fun brain game within minutes

Instructions available in: D/F/I/NL/EN/E

Dimension: 19x19x4.8cm

Weight: 0.16 kg

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