PLUS-PLUS BIG Make & Go! 70

$69.90 SGD

Plus-Plus is one shape with endless possibilities!

The BIG Make & GO! 46 is perfect for smaller hands or bigger ideas. Kids will learn to create in 2D or 3D, encouraging open-ended, creative play. It’s a perfect STEM toy to develop fine motor skills, focus and patience.

Suggested for ages 3 years and up


BIG Make & GO! is all about making and moving and is perfect for small hands and big ideas. With the BIG wheel and a baseplate children can build their own stable vehicles and figures and then play with them. They are made simple so that children can easily succeed with their projects. The range is made with nice vibrant colors and is compatible with all other Plus-Plus BIG.


The Plus-Plus BIG Make & GO set contains everything you need to get started with Plus-Plus BIG GO and to make various types of vehicles. This set includes 2 baseplates, 8 BIG GO wheels and 60 pieces. The Guide Books gives step-by step instructions.


About Plus-Plus:

Each BIG piece measures 50mm x 30mm
Each BIG wheel measures  50mm x 10mm
Plus-Plus is made in Denmark in our own zero-plastic-waste factory powered by renewable energy.


Designed and Made in Denmark

BPA-free and phthalate-free

Suggested for ages 1 - 6 years


Dimensions : 35.3 x 27.5 x 6 cm

Weight :1.05 kg

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