MODARRI X1 Dirt Delux Single

$39.90 SGD

A powerful engine and rugged exterior are what make this PRO Delux X1 Dirt unstoppable! Dirt, mud, rocky terrain - no problem. The X1 Dirt will take you places others cannot go! Interested in something more streamlined and racier? With an extra Concept Car hood and fender, this X1 Dirt is ready to Mix & Match!


Our Modular Building System uses retained screws that will not fall out for quick and easy on-the-go customization. Just loosen the screws with the hex tool provided and swap out parts! With 13 interchangeable parts in every PRO Delux set, you can enjoy countless design possibilities. Real suspension and finger-steering mechanics put you in the driver's seat for the ultimate racing experience!



Grey X1 Dirt chassis

Metallic Orange X1 Dirt Hood

Metallic Orange X1 Dirt Fender

Metal Blue X1 Dirt Frame

Metallic Blue Transparent C1 Concept Hood

Silver C1 Concept Fender

Front and Rear Suspension with Dirt wheels 

Hex Tool


Dimensions: 22cm x 8cm x 24cm

Weight: 0.3kg

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