MODARRI Turbo Monster Truck - Space Invaders

$29.90 SGD

We have all heard of spaceships, but how about space trucks?! Introducing the Space Invaders TURBO Monster Truck, with Day-Glo alien graphics, oversized wheels, and durable chrome frame. Designed for the toughest terrain and harshest elements, there is no better way to explore the galaxy!

Mix & Match with the extra C1 Concept hood and fender for an ultimate space-age machine (12 total interchangeable parts on the truck). Modarri's modular system is made to inspire open-ended, imaginative play.  Whether PRO or TURBO, every hood, frame and fender are interchangeable across every Modarri car or Monster Truck. Just loosen the built-in screws with the hex tool provided and swap out parts for easy on-the-go customization! Let your imagination take you to the outer limits. 

(Note: TURBO Monster Truck Chassis are a separate platform from Modarri Delux PRO Chassis, and the wheels and seats do not interchange with those cars, but all hoods, fenders and frames do.)



Bright Green Monster Truck chassis

Dark Transparent "Blaster" S2 hood

Dark Transparent "Blaster" R1 Fender

Chrome Coupe Frame (plastic)

Transparent "UFO" C1 hood

Silver "UFO" C1 Fender

4 Large soft rubber tires (interchangeable with other trucks)

4 Rims (interchangeable with other trucks)

Hex Tool


Functional differences between TURBO Monster Trucks and PRO Modarri cars:

Tires now separate from rims and interchange with all other monster rims

Rims now separate from tires and interchange with all other monster tires

Snap-on wheels and rims for quicker assembly

Freewheeling, straight rolling action! These trucks can be pushed in a perfectly straight line! (No steering mechanics)

Heavy-duty plastic frames with retained screws

Larger, built-in seat to fit characters as well as bigger fingers 


Dimensions : 22cm x 8cm x 24cm

Weight : 0.3kg

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