MAGNA-TILES XTRAS Roads 12-Piece Set

$59.90 SGD

MAGNA-TILES® fans have spoken!  Most requested and highly anticipated, the new MAGNA-TILES® XTRAS Roads 12-Piece Set allows little ones to create countless road configurations for their favorite toys and vehicles.Includes age-appropriate pieces for frustration-free play and adventure, including the first-ever, fully magnetic Figures, Dashers, Ramps and Roads.

Magnetic roads easily connect and reconnect for multiple building options.

Includes all the pieces you need to complete a perfect circle (8 Curves) or an oval racetrack (8 Curves + 4 Squares).

Expand their MAGNA-TILES® world with Builder 32-Piece Set, the new Downhill Duo 40-Piece or any of their favorite MAGNA-TILES® sets.

Part of the new MAGNA-TILES® In Motion Collection.


What's inside?

8 Road Curves (45-Degrees)

4 Road Squares


Weight:         0.64kg

Dimensions:  4.83 × 19.1 × 25.4 cm

Suggested Age: 3-99 Years

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