MAGNA-TILES Dino World XL 50 piece set

$229.90 SGD

Something tropic-cool has arrived! This XL Dino World set is larger than life with oversized tropical-themed tiles — our BIGGEST tiles ever — plus all six of the Magna-Tiles® dinosaurs, and new-to-the-world magnetic trees.
All six magnetic dinosaur figurines, including: Pteranodon, T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Triceratops, and Brachiosaurus
Figurine sizes vary (3″ to 7.5″)
Each dinosaur has movable parts ready for action and imaginary play
Includes 16 extra-large tiles — 4x larger than traditional magnetic tiles
The first-ever, extendable magnetic trees with lush, magnetic leaves
Sparks a curiosity for STEAM topics, including paleontology

What's inside?
6 Dinosaur Figurines: Pteranodon (red), T-Rex (green), Stegosaurus (yellow), Velociraptor (blue), Triceratops (purple) and Brachiosaurus (Slate Blue)
6 XL Squares
6 XL Right Triangles
4 XL Equilateral Triangles
8 Classic Small Squares
2 Classic Right Triangles
16 Dino Leaves
2 Extendable Tree Bases

Recommended for 3-99 Years

Dimensions: 46 × 6.5 × 36cm
Actual Weight: 2.4 kg
Volumetric Weight: 3 kg

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