GRIMM'S complementary colour star, small

$99.90 SGD

18 pieces in a wooden frame

This product is recommended by the "spiel gut" (good toy guide).

The Building Bricks from Spiel & Holz are each individually sanded by hand and contain no sharp edges or corners. These bricks provide children with an engaging and visceral hands-on experience and allow them to use their imagination to create structures, landscapes, or paths. Made from Alder, they are colored with non-toxic color based dyes.

This building set and the creative puzzle in one encourages an intuitive feeling for colours and forms, spatial skills, logical thinking and develops fine motor skills.

Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water-based color stain/non-toxic plant-based oil finish.

Size: diameter 13cm, single blocks 1cm thickness

Dimensions: 13cm x 1cm x 13cm

Weight: 0.118kg

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