GRIMM'S Building Set Cornerstone

$149.90 SGD

18 pieces in a wooden frame

Ramp up the skill level with this 18-piece complex wooden building block set. Playing with these wooden building blocks can be tricky, so they're a great learning toy if you want to develop your child's spatial awareness and problem solving abilities, as well as bringing on fine motor control. Pair them up to make squares, build unique towers and create unique patterns when laid out flat. Our favourite thing to do with the cornerstone is designing colourful marble runs - use them to change the direction of flow by 90 degrees, and add in regular blocks to make a longer run. They also make wonderfully whacky place scenes for little gnomes and peg people to explore too. The colourful wooden blocks come in a frame which is handy for storing them in but can be used for playing inside or discarded for free-play, integrating other blocks into the mix for greater play possibilities.

The blocks are not varnished, ensuring they will not easily slip off one another when building imaginative constructions. Steiner educators will love this multi-purpose educational toy as it can be used for natural play in a myriad of ways - build houses and toppling towers, use to make patterns or as counting aids and for learning the names of different shapes, or even as ingredients in a play kitchen. The wooden blocks come in a frame which is handy for storage and travelling with. 

Sensory play: tripod grip, fine motor skills, spatial thinking.

Schematic play: This toy will appeal to children demonstrating the positioning schema - balancing, sorting and stacking toys and objects in a particular order or place.

A building block really has what it takes - it allows tricky and surprising layering variations and develops spatial thinking.

This is how new and various objects in different colour patterns are created over and over again. In combination with our classic building materials, the Cornerstones reveal their true greatness. With their aid, the most diverse marble runs arise.

This product is recommended by "spiel gut" (good toy guide).

Materials: beech wood, non-toxic water-based colour stain.

Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 5cm

Weight: 1.12kg

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