GRAPAT Fancy Nins

$84.90 SGD

Did you get the invite? A party of colourful Nins coming from all over the world is waiting for every child to join in their love for fancy dress and all things flamboyant! They are always ready to put on a show and magically swap their costumes around for that extra touch of cheerful fun.

The set contains 12 Nins hand-stained in our 12 signature colours of the rainbow with interchangeable hats and bodies to bring even more combinations of colourful possibilities to every open-ended play activity.

The set allows children to navigate themselves through all their learning phases. It’s a great addition to symbolic play, storytelling and small worlds, all the way to stacking, fitting, colour-matching and… the sky’s the limit!

12 Nins with interchangeable hat / Body 65mm height, different final heights including the hats 

Maple / PEFC certified ES19/86580

Suitable for 12 months       

Made in Spain


Dimensions: 24cm x 7.2cm x 17cm
Actual Weight: 0.535 kg
Vol. Weight: 0.6kg

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