FAGUS Telescopic Loader (*)

$199.90 SGD

Get ready for a tough day’s work on the farm work or at the construction site! This hard-working and versatile telescoping loader has an interchangeable bucket and fork providing hours of engaging, open-ended play! The jib cranks up and down with a knob, which means it can work at almost any angle. It comes fully loaded with: 2 figures, 1 loading fork, 1 bucket, an extendable cantilever, a height-adjustable unit carrier which is adjustable in the angle of inclination, and an axle steering system. The heirloom-quality wooden cars and trucks by Fagus are made of beech wood without the use of nails, screws or staples, and are interlocked, doweled and glued together. This toy contains small parts and is therefore not suitable for children under the age of 3.

  • Steerable
  • 2 figures
  • 1 loading fork
  • 1 blade
  • Extendable cantilever
  • Height adjustable
  • Unit carrier adjustable in the angle of inclination
  • Axle steering system
  • Length 29.11cm
  • Recommended minimum age: 36 months


Dimension: 36cm x 14cm x 13cm

Weight: 1.55kg


Ctn Dimension: 38cm  x 16cm x 15cm

Vol. Weight: 1.824kg




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