FAGUS Hay Wagon

$79.90 SGD

One of the most popular models in the Fagus Truck range is this Fagus Hay WagonTruck. Kids enjoy and have a great time with this very versatile truck. Their imagination and interaction while playing with this toy is limitless.


As with all Fagus toys, the Fagus Hay Wagon Truck is hand-made in Germany out of solid beech wood ("Fagus" is Latin for beech) and does not contain any nails, screws or staples. Even the most complex Fagus vehicles are made by interlocking, doweling and/or gluing wood together by hand. Many of the Fagus vehicles have won the "Spiel Gut" good toy award, which signifies that a toy meets the highest standards for play value, educational value, material used, workmanship, construction, durability, safety, design, size, quality of the instructions for playing or making and suitability for the appropriate age group.


Indispensable to your construction scene, the Fagus Skip Truck is completely operational, and steerable using the handle on top of the cab. Lift the entire container off the ground and onto your Skip Truck!

This is one of those vehicles unique to Fagus, who have made a sturdy, steerable Hay Wagon your child would be so excited to have!

The perfect accompaniment to any of the Fagus tractors, trucks or jeeps, the Hay Wagon will be a favourite for a myriad of play scenes, and is perfect for encouraging independent play and sparking imaginations.

  • Steerable
  • Length 28.96cm
  • Recommended minimum age: 24 months



Dimension: 29.5cm x 14.5cm x 12cm

Weight: 0.55kg


Ctn Dimension: 36cm  x 15cm x 16cm


Vol. Weight: 1.728kg



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