ELECFREAKS micro:bit Smart City Kit (without micro:bit)

$89.90 SGD

This set does not include the micro:bit.

The Smart City Kit has a well-rounded selection of IoT:bit, DHT11 sensor, soil moisture sensor, water level sensor, sonar:bit, servos and etc. We could use it to build themes such as the smart parking lot, transportation network and river level monitoring. We can also use it to learn more about the IoT, its programming and more possibilities of the future city scenes which are able to be constructed with this kit.





Projects You Can Make
Case 01: Water Backflow Prevention Device in Subway
Case 02: Auto Irrigation System
Case 03: Smart Trash Can
Case 04: The Birds Nest
Case 05: Temp.&Moisture Dectecion in the Library
More interesting cases are constantly updated...

What's Included
1 x IoT:bit Internet WIFI extension board for micro:bit
1 x LED-Green
1 x LED-Yellow
1 x LED-Red
1 x DHT11 sensor
1 x Sonar:bit
1 x Soil moisture sensor
1 x Water level sensor
1 x OLED screen
1 x EF92A 180° servo
1 x micro USB cable
Jumper wires
micro:bit Smart City Kit

Dimensions: 23 x 16 x 5cm

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