DR ZIGS My Jumbo Kit

$74.90 SGD

  • Three 100ml bottles of our award winning 10 x Concentrate Dr Zigs Bubble Mix, each will make one litre of ready to go mix.
  • 1 x Multi-Loop Bubble Wand and Rope (for making LOADS of Bubbles)
  • 1 x Giant Bubble Wand and Rope (for making HUGE Bubbles)
  • 1 x Sheet of Dr Zigs Bubbles Tips, Tricks and Instructions.
  • And one Randomly Selected FREE Scented Bubble Mix

The Standard Wands are 40cm long, and suitable for ALL older kids over the age of 3 - yes that includes you too Mum, Dad, and Grandparents! The 3 bottles of Dr Zigs Bubble Mix will mix up with water to give you 3 whole litres ready-to-go mix. Just add 1 part Dr Zigs Bubble Mix to 9 parts water. Stir thoroughly not vigorously.

  • SUPER STRONG SOLUTION – Dr Zigs believe that no solution comes close to theirs. The size, length, longevity and colours are excellent! These are highly engineered with years of research in every bottle.
  • SO EASY, IT’S CHILD'S PLAY! – Everyone can make giant bubbles with their hand-crafted toys and unbeatable mix. You’ll be giggling and goggling in no time!
  • ENDLESS FUN – Dr Zigs new mix now lasts longer than ever and delivers thousands of giant bubbles – perfect for a party, in the park, or at the beach. Dr Zigs refills last longer than ever.

dimensions: 12.5 cm x 41.5 cm x 8.5 cm
weight: 0.67 Kg

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