COLOUR ME MATS Noah's Ark (Colouring Mat Only)

$18.80 SGD

There came a time when there was only one good man in all the world, and his name was Noah. God blessed Noah for being the good person and said, “I will destroy all bad and wicked people. Only you and your family will be saved.” God asked Noah to build a huge boat called the Ark, and Noah did. God told Noah to fill the Ark with animals - two of every kind, and Noah did. Teach the story of Noah’s Ark and his great faith and obedience with this mat!

BPA-free and made of premium food grade silicone with FDA and SGS certification

Raised edge around the border to guide young children to colour within the mat and contain any dining messes and spills

Rolls up and folds up easily for great portability - perfect for use on-the-go

Buttery smooth top for easy cleaning even when ink is left on for days

Grippy bottom clings to most surfaces

Able to withstand up to 230 degree celsius

Mat Dimensions: 26 x 40 cm

All our mats are suitable for use with alcohol-based dry erase or whiteboard markers. Do not use oil-based markers or permanent markers.

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