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BUNDLE NAEF Schachfiguren Bauhaus Chess Pieces with Chess Board

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Decisive for the further development of design and architecture in the 20th century was undoubtedly the art education program of the legendary "Bauhaus". The philosophy of the interplay of artistic, manufacturing and social dimensions is considered a fundamental turning point towards "Industrial Design".


And like so much of the results of the Bauhaus, the chess game with its clear lines is absolutely timeless and has consequently become a classic. Not least because the checkered, reduced checkerboard appearance looks like a Bauhaus design anyway. Josef Hartwig's figures from 1923 are characterized by reduced forms. Dice and balls lead you through the moves to the checkmate. The shape of the characters is no longer determined by historical models, but solely by their function in the game. Everyone, including the beginner, should be able to easily grasp the rules of the game.


"The new pieces are formed from the stereometric basic shapes: cube and ball, individually or in combination they indicate the gait through their shape, the volume by their value." The pawn and the tower move at right angles to the edge of the board, expressed by the cube The bishop moves diagonally to the edge of the board: a diagonal cross cut out of the dice The king moves in angled and diagonal: a small dice over a larger dice The dice, the most mobile figure, consists of dice and ball "Hartwig commented on his work.


The Naef Spiele AG manufactures the Bauhaus toys according to the original designs.


More details:


Design: Josef Hartwig

32 figures in wooden box: 44 x 7.5 x 4.5 cm

Chessboard: 36 x 36 x 1.2 cm

Material: wood


Weight: 1kg


The perfect chessboard for the Bauhaus chess pieces.


  • Josef Hartwig

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Suitable for following age categories:

  • from 6 Years
  • Neutral

Schachzug - Timeless is the chess of the Bauhaus with its clear lines. Josef Hartwig's chess pieces from 1923 are characterized by reduced forms, which deviate from the known figures and use symbols adapted to the pure function of the moves.

Dice, cylinders and balls guide you through the moves to the checkmate.



Game board - MDF board with printed maple veneer

To dye:



Height 1.20 cm - edge length 36 cm


Free Germany within 14 days




Josef Hartwig




Dimensions: 45 x 2 x 36 cm Weight: 2kg

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