For generations SIKU toy models have been driven around the playroom. And there's a good reason for that: Since then, fathers buy for their children and grandfathers buy for their grandchildren our toy models which are created for little hands, thanks to their stable construction from metal and from plastic components.

SIKU toy models meet the highest quality and safety requirements and give plenty of hours of enjoyment and safe play in the kids’ playroom. To ensure these requirements are met, SIKU toy models are manufactured from die-cast metal and plastic parts. This makes them sturdy and hard-wearing, making realistic play possible of everyday scenes in road traffic, on the building site, with emergency rescue services or in agriculture. SIKU toy models contain no and PVC and meet German and international standards and guidelines for the safety of toys. SIKU toy models comply with the European Spielzeugrichtlinie 2009/48/EG, which is based on the CE code and other standardized norms (toy safety in accordance with EN 71 und EN 62115).  In addition to our compliance with high quality standards for all materials and the manufacture of our products, we are also committed to the protection of all employees working for us.