SCHOOL-RITE from Judi Rush on Vimeo.


"SCHOOL-RITE Handwriting Instruction Guides are a series of learning aids designed for beginning handwriting development. Recommended by leading educators, they fascinate children as young as three years old and make the introduction of writing an exciting experience. Children learn proper penmanship of Manuscript, Transitional (D’Nealian-style) and Cursive letters. The left-to-right sequence builds perceptual skills for reading readiness, further enhancing literacy development. School-Rite Activity Templates are designed to teach Shapes, Numbers and other early learning skills.

Molded of fine quality pliable plastic, these Guides give practice in forming the contour of each letter so the learner “feels” the shape of the letter. They assist with coordinating hand and eye movement, allowing for proper pencil slant, and forcing the hand to lift where normal lift occurs in the handwriting sequence. Suitable for children of all ages, they are especially helpful for Early Childhood Education, Special Needs, Left-handed Learners and Home Instruction."