Children love our figures, and for good reason. Smartphones, tablets, and the like have a lot of capabilities, but are no match for figures and animals when they come to life in children’s imaginations and thus become the starting point of a personal story. Only real figures can be touched and experienced. That’s why, our Schleich products contribute to your child’s age-appropriate development. Starting with motor skills and even helping them to tell their own little stories. Creativity and imagination are promoted in a playful manner.

The Schleich playing worlds boast even more possibilities: these worlds grant our figures their own home with extensive accessories. This enriches the playing experience and enables concepts from nature to be experienced.

At Schleich, we have made it our task to grant children an understanding of animals and their natural habitats. With our detailed, authentic figures, children can gain valuable experience and learn about nature in a playful manner. To promote children’s development and creativity in a lasting manner, we at Schleich have developed six different themed worlds with more than 600 carefully designed and high-quality individual figures. With our individual figures’ flexible range of uses and inspiring themed worlds, we provide long-lasting fun.