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Excerpt from Puro Website ....

"From Our Family To Yours

Why do we care so much about Noise-induced hearing loss? It’s personal.

In 2014 our founder, Dave Russell, learned that his youngest daughter, Niki, had developed Noise-induced hearing loss. The doctors told them the culprit was on her head everyday on the way to school, her headphones.

For America’s youth, hearing loss is a growing epidemic. Today, one in five teens suffer from some form of hearing loss, a 31% increase since the mid-90s. The driving force of this growth is that 50% of teens and young adults age 12-35 are exposed to unsafe levels of sound from their personal music players. To put that in perspective, that amounts to roughly 1.1 billion teens and young adults worldwide.

We’ve heard the problem, now we hope you listen to the solution.

After Niki’s diagnosis, Dave scoured the market, searching for headphones for all ages that would prevent this extremely preventable condition. He didn’t find any. So, having a tech background, he made one.

At Puro Sound Labs we’ve created the world’s only studio-grade Bluetooth headphone that puts the safety of your ears first. Our patent-pending volume-limiting and volume-monitoring mechanisms ensure you and your family will be enjoying your tunes well into the future. All this, while looking great and sounding fantastic.

Headquartered in sunny San Diego, California, we have dedicated our time and research to design a product you and your family will love and enjoy for years to come. Our whole hearted mission is to protect you against the 100% preventable Noise-induced hearing loss without compromising style or sound. We’ve designed the perfect ear piece for your ear peace and with the Puro Promise if you don’t love it, you can send it back. Guaranteed.

From our family to yours, chEARS!

Mission Statement

Puro Sound Labs is dedicated to fighting the growing epidemic of Noise Induced Hearing Loss by providing healthy, affordable, high-quality products that protect our consumers hearing.  

Vision Statements

  • A Puro headphone set in every child’s hands.
  • A drastic reduction of the percentage of children and adults suffering from Noise Induced Hearing Loss.
  • To forever disrupt the headphone industry, driving significant shareholder value.

Core Company Values

  • Family First – To us, our business is personal.  We started the company to protect our families.  And now we work every day with our families to make this company great.  
  • Social Responsibility – Our products not only provide consumers a unique solution to a growing epidemic, but we go one step further by donating a portion of the proceeds of each sale to hearing loss research.  
  • Highest Quality – Our products are made with the highest quality design and sound standards ensuring a perfect (and healthy) listening experience for our customers.  
  • Top-Notch Service – We provide industry-leading guarantee programs combined with a highly responsive and accessible support staff to drive complete customer satisfaction.  
  • Having Fun – Driving positive social change makes our jobs fun.  And that kind of environment drives the deep levels of respect,  passion, and teamwork among our teams.  
  • Staying Aggressive – We will be relentless in our pursuit of reducing the impact of Noise Induced Hearing Loss around the world.  And we will be tireless in developing new products and technologies to bring a better solution to our customers.  
  • Creating Partnership – We will constantly seek out business and customer partners to enhance our exposure and build a powerful, broad-reaching network among those dedicated to fighting the Noise Induced Hearing Loss epidemic.  "