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Modarri finger driven cars have parts that can be easily interchanged with a Hex Tool.  

It features ...

- Appealing designs

- Great steering mechanism

- Real suspension

- Interchangeable parts to make customized designs.

1 car --> 5 designs
3 cars --> 20,000 plus designs
6 cars --> 2 million plus designs
Also custom DIY versions.
- Screws that are remain attached to the chassis and will not be lost.

The Modarri line consists of a Street Car "S1," Dirt Car "X1" and Track Car "T1." In addition, the DIY model allows people to make completely custom vehicles with their own paint jobs. A three-pack of S1, X1 and T1 vehicles (all colored differently than the single versions of those cars) is the perfect holiday gift. Each comes with a Hex Tool that allows users to take apart and reconfigure their vehicles.

Each modular car includes a chassis, hood/windshield, seat pan, seat, fenders and frame, hex tool, four wheels, front suspension and rear suspension. The sleek design, modularity, use of the tool and suspension features make Modarri totally unlike any other toy cars in the market. Modarri is a new kind of miniature car line that’s driven with the fingers using realistic steering and suspension. Design your own unique cars for the best performance and looks by swapping parts from one vehicle to another using the included Hex Tool. Invent new tricks and cool moves! Modarri cars aren't only for kids (recommended for ages 8 to 108; not for ages 0–3 due to small parts).

These cars are meant to appeal across the board, from kids to even teenagers and adults.

"Our goal was to create toy cars that are sleek, gorgeous, fun, durable, drivable, buildable and interchangeable.”