About Märklin

People who have been allowed to experience the magic of a Märklin model railroad keep this experience in their memory. They may want to come back to this experience later. Because the charm and prototypical, true-to-life character of Märklin models fascinates young and old. This fascination is our motivation. And, it is a component part of the vision that we would like share with you.


In the 150 years of its existence as a company Märklin has developed from a small factory for tin toys to a producer of high quality metal toys known around the world: Today, Märklin is the world leader for all important gauges in the model railroad market. No other manufacturer offers the possibility of adding to existing layouts and collections over the course of many years and of expanding systematically. We thus link generations through experiencing technology. 

The standard for our products is reproduction that is as close to the prototype as possible - in technical terms as well as in the impression and feel of our models. We use raw materials as close to the prototype as possible, different types of metal, alloys, sheet metal, aluminum, high quality plastics, and even wood. Enthusiastic collectors all over the world are proof of the quality and enduring value of our products.

A high degree of engineering know-how has always been present in our models together with the work of skilled hands. Our goal has always been to offer our customers solutions on the cutting edge. We are particularly thankful and proud that the ideas and commitment of our customers have found their way into our products resulting in many improvements in detailing and new developments. We are thus presently able to offer an assortment that enables an unusual depth of play experiences in which everything goes together perfectly even after many years.

Märklin World of Adventure

Märklin on Track
In the Märklin Museum in Göppingen visitors can experience 150 years of Märklin building models: In addition to a large variety of attractive model railroads, collector pieces, and historic toys, you can see classics such as the first real live steam locomotive or the rare Bruncvik ship model. The history of our firm with its rich tradition and its close link with the history of model making is provided in an interesting and playful manner. In the Märklin World of Adventure families, collectors and beginners can find entertaining access to the various subjects and themes.
Märklin production site in Györ/Hungary

In addition to the factory in Göppingen Märklin has a second european produktion facility in Györ/Hungary.