MAGNA-TILES Metropolis 110 Piece Set (v2)

$229.90 SGD $249.90 SGD

Prepare to be ah-mazed. With the Metropolis 110-Piece Set, children can build anything their imagination desires — from city skylines to medieval fortresses to outer space colonies — and dream up the stories that bring them to life.


110 magnetic tiles and pieces in neon colors, the most in any Magna-Tiles® set


A fun combo of classic geometric shapes and unique shapes like windows, staircases, a spinner piece and more designed to extend playtime

Develops kids’ creative thinking while also developing language, cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills


Each Set contains:

2 Classic XL Squares

56 Classic Small Squares

12 Classic Equilateral Triangles

12 Classic Right Triangles

10 Classic Isosceles Triangles

2 Car Chassis

1 Large Rectangle

2 Staircases

4 Quarter Circles

1 Spinner

6 Windows

1 Arch


Set Weight: 8.5 lbs / 4 kg

Set Dimensions: 17.5 × 3 × 14 in / 45.5 x 35 x 7cm

Volumetric Weight: 5 kg

Suggested Age: 3-99 Years

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