Block play is fundamental to creative open ended play for children.

For anyone who has invested in solid wood unit blocks for play, he/she would quickly realize that there are

limitations.  However fine the quality of the wood, it is very heavy to move around, can be dangerous when thrown and collapses thunderously.

We still like wood blocks, but love alternatives, and this is a very good one for those who fear that that little one flings the blocks at their siblings or at the window.


When block structures fall as they invariably do, it makes a lot of noise.  For those of us who live in high rise buildings, this is particularly apparent as there are neighbors downstairs who may not appreciate the noise of falling blocks or blocks knocking on the floor during assembly.


KORXX building blocks made of natural cork material.  It is light, soft, quiet, has a pleasant small, is safe from injury and has enough texture to keep sloping blocks from slipping.

This material has never been used for blocks blocks before on a commercial scale as we know.


Depending on the age of the child, they can make

- figurines

- a grandstand for a grand prix

- a garage for cars

- a fence for form animals

- a tall tower

-  rooms for dolls etc..


There is no other brand of cork blocks that we know of.

You have to try it to experience the magic of cork blocks crafted in Germany.

If you live in Singapore, try it now, ... at the Playhao Experience Showroom, #02-15 Forum the Shopping Mall, Singapore. 


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