FAGUS Tractor modern

$108.00 SGD

Children love to grab hold of the roof of the Tractor Modern, and steer it all through the farm! 

They can also use the tow hitch to pull a variety of vehicles including the Farm Cart, Horse Box or even the Conveyor Belt. Fagus toys are perfect for encouraging independent play and sparking imaginations. 

Like all Fagus toys, the Tractor Modern is hand-made in Germany out of solid beech wood ("Fagus" is Latin for beech) and does not contain any nails, screws or staples. Even the most complex Fagus vehicles are made by interlocking, doweling and/or gluing wood together by hand. Many of the Fagus vehicles have won the "Spiel Gut" good toy award, which signifies that a toy meets the highest standards for play value, educational value, material used, workmanship, construction, durability, safety, design, size, quality of the instructions for playing or making and suitability for the appropriate age group. 

Dimensions: L 35cm X W 15cm X H 16cm  Weight: 1kg.


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