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Since 2002

At Cloud b, we take sleep very seriously. We are pioneers in the creation of products designed for children’s well-being and good sleep, and we specialize in the manufacture of sleep aids. At Cloud•b, each product is validated by experts: pediatricians, family therapists, parents, and sleep specialists. Our collections of musical plush toys and nightlights have received numerous awards from both professionals and parents. 

Soothing White Noise

Cloud b’s mission as the baby sleep specialist is to give the gift of sleep to newborn babies and their families. Soothing white noise creates a comfortable, womb-like environment that calms babies and helps them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.  Cloud b’s award-winning products are loved by families worldwide for almost 20 years. 

Best for newborns

Our products are designed to help calm and soothe children to fall asleep better. They are part of the bedtime routine to make it a pleasant and comforting moment. Our nightlights and cuddly sound soothers allow children to interact with them independently – by sound, sight, touch – and thus, to reassure themselves and fall asleep on their own, like a pro. With Cloud b, children see the night in a new light.