PLUS-PLUS BIG Baseplate / 2 pcs White/Green

$22.90 SGD

Great basic product for expanding your  Plus-Plus creations

Expand the creative possibilities with the BIG baseplates This durable platforms can be used to build a scene and much more. Connect baseplates together to make multi-story structures. Plus-Plus Big size is perfect for smaller hands or bigger ideas. This set includes 2 baseplates, one green and one white that is a perfect tool to help kids to build with Plus-Plus BIG!

Children will learn to create in 2D or 3D, encouraging open-ended, creative play


Designed and Made in Denmark

BPA-free and phthalate-free

Suggested for ages 1- 6 years


Dimensions  :  29 cm x 19 cm

Weight :  0.3 kg

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