YORIK hexagonal unlacquered 12 assorted (clear plastic case)

$21.00 SGD

Yorik's 12 assorted Colour Giant Hexagonal unlacquered pencil set is the perfect first pencil set for toddlers and children starting to write and explore/discover their creative and artistic skills on paper! Great value for money. Made in Germany by Yorik (Lyra).

 Yorik 12 assorted Colour Giant Hexagonal unlacquered pencils in plastic case includes the following colors 004 (Gold Yellow) 005 (Orange) 007 (Red) 008 (Carmine Red) 010 (Pink) 011 (Violet) 013 (Purple) 018 (Blue) 019 (Dark Blue) 022 (Apple Green) 026 (Dark Green) 032 (Dark Brown).
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