YELLOW DOOR Word Building Alphabet Pebbles (full set of 50)

$87.90 SGD

WATERPROOF Word-building Alphabet Pebbles for great for anyone who wants to use a hands on tactile approach to the teaching of letters (writing) & spelling. These pebbles appeal to the kids’ instincts to explore, touch, sort & collect! 

Use them in water, in the bathtub, in sand, in snow, freeze them, do whatever you like! They are weather proof!

We have found them useful to just place in a basket on the table. Every day when the kids come home, we invite them to form a word to share how they felt about their day. They don’t always have to talk abt it, but sometimes it allows us to start a conversation.

Or give them a scrambled set & get them to form words for you. It’s lots of fun doing so the hands on way. 

The pebbles are easy to maintain. They are durable, washable & usable with playdough, paint, sand etc. They are smooth to the touch & great for holding. All 50 pebbles have been engraved & paintedwith a lowercase letter.  All vowels(3 of each vowel in this set) are painted on white pebbles for clear distinction. 

Each is abt 3.5-4.5cm in length & we love how they feel to touch.;) Try this out if you think it might be of use to you in your conscious parenting. 


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