V-CUBE 4 White Flat

$39.90 SGD


V-CUBE™ 4 is a six-colored, four-layered smooth rotation cube

Top Quality!

Extra layer, new challenges

 V-CUBE™ 4 is the 4x4x4 member of the V-CUBE™ family that tests yourdrive, skill and capabilities.

V-CUBE™ 4 is a multi-colored, four-layered cube with smooth rotation and durability.
Available in the flat shape design and our unique “pillow” shape, inspired by the original V-CUBE™7!



V-CUBE™ 4 has 7.40*1045 possible permutations and weighs 157g! The cube consists of 98 smaller cubies, 56 are visible; and a solid cross for supporting their independent rotation on based axes.

Dimension : 15cm x 15cm x 7.5cm   Weight : 210g

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