TYS edx Transparent Rainbow Letters & Numbers Set

$21.90 SGD

This is a set of colourful, transparent letters and numbers that are perfect for use with a light box. Each of the letters and numbers measures approximately 5cm. Through playing with these letters and numbers on the light box, children can learn basic literacy and numeracy skills.

These plastic letters and numbers can also be used without the light panel of course! Throw them in a tub of rainbow waterbeads, bury them in rainbow rice, or just them for drawing letters and numbers with.

Open ended resources like these promote exploratory and investigative play, along with number and letter recognition. 

This set includes: 

  • 26 letters of the alphabet
  • these 26 letters come in a mix of 4 colors 
  • numbers 0-9, also in a mix of 4 colors  
  • all 36 pieces are made with translucent sturdy plastic

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