TYS Heritage Cutters

$30.90 SGD

We're proud to call Singapore our home, and there's so much to love about our country. To celebrate our Nation's Birthday, we’ve designed a one-of-a-kind Heritage Series to teach the younger generation about 5 iconic landmarks in Singapore that we love dearly.

This Limited Edition Heritage Collection contains cutters depicting the following uniquely Singaporean landmarks:

  1. Merlion
  2. Changi Airport Control Tower
  3. Dragon Playground
  4. Esplanade Theatres
  5. Marina Bay Sands 

You can choose to add on taste-safe playdough to make this a perfect, ready-to-play kit for little hands! 

We suggest getting the textured stampers and the basic toolkit from our accessories section, to create details of the Merlion(fish scales) & Dragon (chequered pattern)  playground to complete the look! 


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