TYS Dinosaur Cutters

$29.90 SGD

*STOMP* Do you have a dino-lover at home who eats, breathes and sleeps dinosaurs? If you do, grab this set now. We're so excited about our Dinosaur playdough kit because we designed our very own dinosaur cutters with your little ones in mind!

These custom-made cutters are sturdy, easy to wield, easy to clean, and cuts cleanly too! We know your dino-lover will have loads of fun with this custom-designed set of cutters!

The Dinosaur playdough cutters include:

  • 6 exclusively-designed, one-of-a-kind dinosaur cutters

We have sourced all over for Dino cutters but were unable to find any that met our standards, so we made our own! If you would like us to make custom cutters for you, let us know and we can work something out with our designer! :)

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