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The new Mini Trígonos construction sets are intended for small builders and designers. 


The largest set of the Mini Trígonos is Mini Trígonos 5XL.

This set consists of 500 parts with which you can build a large Eiffel Tower, for example.


The building block game is simply explained: It's about connecting the square and angle blocks with the strips. Only certain connections are allowed here, which should stimulate thought.


With Trígonos, children get an ideal opportunity, for example, to get to know geometry in a vivid and playful way. Not only geometric figures can be displayed "to touch", other mathematical relationships such as fractions, square roots, powers and angles up to the Pythagorean theorem can be checked.


Trígonos is a creative modular game from Catalonia with seemingly unlimited possibilities, which is about creativity, concentration, thirst for knowledge, interaction, concentration, cooperation, methodical approach, precision and, last but not least, lots of fun!


The Mini Trígonos 5XL set contains: 100 square blocks, 100 angle blocks, 300 strips (5 lengths). This set has no Fabric included


The parts are packed in a box made of hard cardboard.


The Mini Trígonos sets can of course all be combined with one another.


Size approx. 37 x 17 x 18 cm.

Weight 4.3kg

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