TOBO Track Starter Pack, 15-piece

$59.90 SGD

Tobo Track is an exciting and creative way to build roads and tracks for toy cars and trains.

This set contains 14 identical track pieces and 1 PlayShare adapter for your favourite wooden train sets and building blocks (Thomas™ and Lego® compatible). They can be joined together in hundreds of ways to create a track that goes anywhere you want it to. Every hexagonal track piece has a straight section, a curved section and an intersection – and can be connected to any edge of any other piece. Its a fun way to use creativity while playing with toy cars and trains, and building blocks!

Here's what's included:

  • 14 track pieces
  • 1 PlayShare adapter piece (connects to Thomas™ and Lego® directly)
  • 1 wooden toy car
  • 1 set of optional stickers

  • Manufactured in the USA from the pure sustainable wood material - NO PLASTICS! Safe play - material is non-toxic and safe for kids.


  • Suitable for Ages 3+

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