SGAG The Singapore Dream Card Expansion Pack

$15.00 SGD

It’s time to ruin more friendships! The Singaporean Dream by SGAG is back with an all-new EXPANSION PACK, this time with more players and better ways to sabo your friends! Now suitable for 3-9 players.

Expansion Pack includes:

- 3 new Personality Cards

- 8 Dream Cards

- 21 Action Cards (20 of which are brand new Actions) 

- 12 Cash Cards

- 1 instruction sheet

How to play:

1. Select a Singaporean Personality that has a Special Power

2. Draw 2 action cards and play 3 actions per turn

3. Buy or gain Dreams by sabo-ing your friends

4. Keep going until the Dreams run out, the Player with the most Dreams wins!

*The Expansion Pack is only compatible with "The Singaporean Dream by SGAG" original deck, you will need the original deck in order to play!

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