TEGU 6 Piece Pocket Pouch Prism in Tints

$44.90 SGD

The 6 piece Pocket Pouch Prism tegu is the perfect introduction to the world
Tegu magnetic wooden blocks. As it is small and compact and portable hence it's the perfect toy for the purse, restaurant, airplane, or desk.
This product contains 6 wooden magnetic blocks in 2 different shapes. 4 Triangular prisms and 2 parallelograms.

Size: With all blocks connected and place inside the felt pouch, total dimensions are 12.4 x 9.5 x 2.54cm. Weight is 0.135kg. All sizes are safe for children below 3 as the blocks itself is larger then the child's hands.

Origin: Designed in the USA, purposefully made in Honduras

Packaging: Each set comes packaged in our beautiful industrial felt pouch that's meant to be re-used as it is very durable. 

Dimensions: L 12cm X W 9cm X H 4cm  Weight: 0.16kgs.

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