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A handbook of visual experience, the "Book of Symbols" encapsulates a wealth of symbols and an explanation of their meanings. It features highly readable text and over 800 beautiful full-color images combined to put forth different meanings of archetypal symbology from a holistic perspective - psychology, religion, art, literature, comparative myth - and how, in turn, these symbols can lead to transformational experience and psychological resonance. 

The editor and author:

Drawing upon Carl Gustav Jung's work on the archetype and the collective unconscious, the Archive for Research in Archetypal Symbolism (ARAS) is a pictorial and written archive mythological, ritualistic and symbolic images from all over the world and from all epochs of human experience. The collection of 17,000 photographic images, accompanied by commentary on their cultural and historial context, probes the universality of archetypal themes and provides a testament to the deep and abiding connections of all life. 

 Dimensions: L 18cm x B 5cm x H 25cm

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