STRESS Mushroom

$19.90 SGD

Everyday life can be enormously demanding, and there are a wide variety of tools available to the downtrodden, the stressed and the unsatisfied that are meant to help you relieve some of your tension. However, nothing does that better than this absolutely incredible Stress Mushroom.


Make no mistake, this representation of a fungal growth is the perfect stress toy. Fitting comfortably in your hand, it feels soft and smooth on your palm, and is firm yet pliable, allowing for all manner of motions and actions – you can pull it, stretch it, twist it, squeeze it, and crush it, venting all your frustrations onto it, and it’ll bounce right back.


Ideal for home or work, this is definitely the stress ‘shroom to beat.




Tension-busting Stress Mushroom.

Fits nicely in your hand.

Elasticated, goes back to original shape no matter what you do.

Soft material won’t stress your palm.



Dimensions: 17 x 8cm.

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