STAEDTLER Noris Stylus Pink

$4.90 SGD

Stylus with Triangular Jumbo Pencil, 4mm lead

High-quality learner's pencil in jumbo ergonomic triangular shape for relaxed and easy writing and drawing

Jumbo shape perfect for children´s small hands doing first writing exercises whether on paper or on tablet PCs

With a stylus function for tablet PCs

Part of the writing learning system for children with App for tablet PCs - free of charge

Wood from certified, sustainably managed forests

 Noris® stylus 119 20

Learner's pencil

Blistercard containing 1 Noris stylus pencil in degree HB, pink

Article number: 119202BKLV

4mm lead

Made in Germany

The Noris® stylus makes learning child's play


STAEDTLER Noris Stylus app

Do you already know our new learn-to-write app?


The app playfully introduces children aged 3 to 6 to the world of tablet PCs while fostering their fine motor skills at the same time using the Noris stylus to complete different writing exercises.


The app at a glance:


Offers support to writing beginners

Fosters the development of speech and writing

Improves visual, audio and motor skills

Promotes playful learning through positive feedback

Provides educational content developed in cooperation with the Cornelsen publishing house

Dimension : 24cm x 1.5cm x 8cm Weight : 25g

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