STABILO Trio Jumbo Fibre tip pens 12 pieces

$9.90 SGD

Target group

  • Be bold. Be colourful. The extra thick tipped, super-washable STABILO Trio Jumbo fibre-tip pen with ergonomic triangular grip zone for little artists.


The XL tipped felt pen

With its push-resistant extra-thick tip and ergonomic triangular-shaped grip zone, the STABILO Trio Jumbo enables the boldest of doodles, the most vibrant classroom displays, and the coolest fridge art. The triangular shape encourages a proper, fatigue-free pen hold. Your children can colour and draw correctly, getting creative fatigue-free for hours on end. And if a little colouring accident should happen, the ink is super-washable – just throw the clothes in the wash! Art projects have never been so stress free. Available in a set of 12 bright and intensive colours.

Product features:

  • Felt-tip pen with XL-tip (line width approx. 3mm)
  • Ergonomic triangular-shaped grip zone and push-resistant tip
  • Encourages a proper and supportive, fatigue-free pen hold
  • Super-washable ink that can be removed with a normal detergent
  • Available in 12 intense colours (not available individually)
  • made in Czech Republic

Dimensions: L 16.5cm x B 18.5cm x H 1.5cm

Weight: 0.138kg

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