STABILO EASYgraph Graphite Pencil 2B

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STABILO Easy Graph: For learning to write and for the prolific writer

As part of the established product line STABILO EASY ergonomics experts, the STABILO Easygraph is another building block for ergonomic writing. The end of the pencil it indicates yellow or red color, whether your STABILO Easy Graph is designed for right or left handed.  There is a place for you to write your name on the pencil so as not to loose it.

The STABILO Easygraph protects the environment

Your new ergonomic pencil is also the wood of sustainable forestry is made. Thus, the manufacturer STABILO operates active environmental protection. The triangular shape has non-slip grips. Even with prolonged writing your hand is so completely relaxed. The degree of hardness HB makes it easy you to use the STABILO Easy Graph for writing and sketching. The lead diameter is 3.15 mm. Thus, the pencil draws fine lines and allows a clean manuscript from the first letter.



The STABILO Easy Graph - the perfect facilities for learning to write

Students of the first classes need to write learn ergonomically shaped pins. Like the STABILO Easy Colors Crayons is this pencil ideal to take an ergonomically correct hand posture when writing and painting. So learning to write is less stressful and makes you much more fun. Your STABIILO Easygraph you order as usual in our comfortable online.


Mine diameter 3.15 mmErgonomic

At a glance: 
Single pin - comes without packaging

• First ergonomic pencil especially for left and right handed 
• Triangular shape and non-slip grips for relaxed hand position 
• Yellow and red color code on the pin end signaled left and right execution 
• Lead diameter: 3.15 mm 
• Hardness 2B for writing and sketching alike 
• wood from sustainable forests 
• With Name field

Dimensions: L 1cm x B 1cm x H 18cm


 Weight: 0.1kg

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