STABILO Scribbi Fibretip Markers set of 12

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Target group

  • Little artists who want to get to grips with a pen for the first time.

Product features

  • Almost indestructible thanks to its spring-loaded thick tip.
  • Line width 1.5 - 2.0 mm.
  • Triangular design helps children get a secure, ergonomic grip.
  • 12 super washable colors are easy to remove from both hands and clothing.

Design Awards

  • iF product design award for the desk set 2008
  • pbs Indutry Prosuct of the Year for school and leisure 2006
  • iF product design award


STABILO Trio Scribbi: Indestructible, irresistible and washable

This first fiber-tip pens with spring-loaded tip and triangular shape has been developed specifically for the needs of preschool children and like kids and parents alike safe. As the only fibre artist it has a round, thick, sprung tip, which is child-friendly and durable. Dots on dots - this pin holding out a whole lot, so it makes little great fun to paint colorful pictures! About the child-friendly ink quality of all eight colors also are pleased the parents.Unwanted ink marks jen-hand of Malblocks are very easy to remove. The secret recipe for this is called "superwashable" - protects children's clothing and parents nervous!  STABILO Trio is up to include the age of six well Scribbi even small hands three. Such small holding forces prevent premature fatigue of the hand and arm muscles. The shape of the handle allows playful experimenting with a wide variety of gripping options and leads to a more personalized cheap finger position. 

STABILO Trio Scribbi   STABILO Trio Scribbi   STABILO Trio Scribbi

Line thickness L 1.5 mm - 2.0 mmwashableErgonomicRecycling code PPCE marking


At a Glance:

• Virtually indestructible - thanks suspension, thicker tip 
• Line thickness 1.5 - 2.0 mm. 
• Triangular design for safe, ergonomic grip in the hands of children 
• 12 super-washable paints for easy cleaning of hands and clothing

Design Awards / Honors

• PBS industrial products of the year, school and home environments 2006 
• iF product design award 2006 
• iF product design award for the placemat 2008 
• FRIENDS TIPS 2014 - Consumers Test score 1

Caps on the chain, ingeniously simple, simply brilliant!

The post caps are threaded here on a clever ring - and can no longer be lost. But even without cap is the STABILO Cappi up to 24 hours open storage. Thanks to the ring pins are nothing put away in zero comma and extremely convenient for travel, simply hanging on her schoolbag and go! 

STABILO Cappi like all school children

For optimal, child-friendly hand gesture of STABILO Cappi has an ergonomic grip. In addition prevents the unusual, funny tube shape of the fiber artist, that the pins roll away and fall off the table. Especially childproof he is by his vented cap. This Fasermaler also meets the criteria for product safety in toys, according to the CE directives. With 24 brilliant colors, its 1 mm thick stroke weight and easily washable ink have young and old alike enjoy this product. He particularly like school children and all those who never want to miss again post caps. 


Line thickness 1 mmErgonomicRecycling code PPCE marking

At a Glance:

• Includes two cap rings 
• Pen caps can be threaded on a clever ring - and are virtually impossible to lose. This prevents the pen without cap dry out. 
• Exceptional tubes form - the pen from rolling. 
• Ergonomic grip for optimal child-friendly hand position. 
• sets of 12, 18 and 24 brilliant colors. 
• line width about 1 mm. 
• Easily washable ink. 
• Ventilated cap. 
• Up to 24 hours open storable without drying.

Watch out! Small Parts

Dimensions: L 10cm x B 10cm x H 15.5cm


 Weight: 0.1kg

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