SIRCH Wipphocker - Flexible Stool

SIRCH Wipphocker - Flexible Stool

$173.90 SGD $305.00 SGD

From Sirch, the German manufacturer of kids' toys and furniture known for their stunning simplicity and modern elegance, comes another stylish creation, the SIRCH Whipphocker - Flexible Stool. The carcass of this minimalist-designed rocking stool is made of laminated beech plywood. 

Not only will this rocking stool keep your child entertained; it will also serve as an elegant decorative item in your house! 


rocking stool 


order no. 301. small. 36 cm x 41 cm x 24 cm (h/w/d). weight : 3.81kg

order no. 302. medium. 42 cm x 47 cm x 25 cm (h/w/d). weight : 4.88kg

order no. 303. large. 47 cm x 47 cm x 25 cm (h/w/d). weight : 5.125kg


carcass made of laminated beech plywood


design: melzermueller in cooperation with ivo geißner + partner.





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