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This scientific and cosmetic laboratory will help you become a perfume maker! It presents 9 perfume raw materials along with a booklet explaining how to create your own fragrances. You will learn all about the top, heart and bottom notes that compose a perfume before creating your very own formulas!

The instructions sheet will also reveal all the great perfume making principles, the origins of raw materials, along with the great molecules that revolutionised the twentieth century.

A fun, scientific, cosmetic and historic activity to create your very own perfumes to wear. 2 essential oils: Lemon and Lavender.

3 perfume bases: Jasmin, Rose et Fruit base.

4 aromatic molecules aromatiques: Musk, Vanilla, Violet and Wood

The raw materials from this kit have been selected by a perfume maker and the indicated compositions will help children discover the art of perfume making like true professionals!

Content of the box

  • 9 fragrances
  • 9 droppers
  • 4 empty flasks
  • 3 sprays
  • 15 Paper strips to test your perfumes
  • 1 set of instructions

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